Everyone wants things quickly
More important everyone wants a quickee πŸ˜‰
Quickee.me was built overnight. It was an idea
which was executed quickly turned into a reality. That’s exactly
our philosophy where we turn ideas into businesses
What makes us different?
Well, everything. And NO we are not competing with fiverr.
We are just using the similar technology and have definitely
been heavily inspired by the concept. We still love and recommend
them for certain projects and gigs that are not available with us.
Quickee.me is VIP. We have not only curated the most recommended
and popular gigs on the Internet but have hand selected every single
Quickee Freelancer. We know them, we trust them and they have passed
all the latest digital marketing certifications. You can be sure that your
gig is safe, and you get exactly what you pay for.
Quickee.me is purely dedicated towards entrepreneurs who
want to build and grow something online. Our parent company
which is located in Austin,tx Β is an organization that consults
with other online businesses.
Quickee.me discourages hard-work.
Quickee.me discourages working for someone else
Quicke.me is cool
Get set for new opportunities