When it comes to advertising online, Facebook is one of the best places to do it. Lead ads on Facebook make it easy for people to submit their information with a simple click, even on mobile.

How It Works?

When people click on your lead ad, they’ll be prompted to fill out a short instant form to send you their contact info. On your lead ads instant form, I will request email addresses or contact information from people who click on your ad.

You can download your leads directly from Facebook, or you can connect your leads to a CRM such as MailChimp.


What Will You Get?

I will set up a Facebook Advertising Campaign (Leads Ad) to suit your requirements. I create ads by understanding your audience and think through what could possibly make them engage.  These kind of ads have proven to be very successful in every industry; to build your leads and grow your business.

The job includes…

  • FB ads campaign

  • Research audience

  • Laser target

  • Create attractive ad

  • Text with description

  • Campaign creatives

  • Bidding type

  • Launch campaign

  • Optimize your conversion rate

  • Build & manage database

  • Pixel installation

We recommend giving your campaigns 2-4 weeks to reach their optimal performance before making any changes.

What Is The Outcome?

With leads ads you can streamline your sales funnel – collect leads, improve the quality of the lead, and acquire the right leads.

The goal is to grab their attention to that you can follow up with them and provide something interesting and valuable.