I Will Execute The 10$/Day Traffic Plan

Inspired by Digital Marketer Execution Plan : The 10$/Day Traffic Plan

I will help you in

1.Crafting the Perfect Ad

  • How to create eye catching, high converting ad images even if you’re not a designer (or don’t have the money to hire one)
  • Exactly what each of your ads should say (In fact we’ll just let you copy & paste best headlines to use in your campaigns)
  • The “YOU FORGOT” reminder copy that converts dead clicks into new customers (even after they’ve already said no to your offer!)

2.Proven Strategy For Laser-Targeting

  • Finally reach the perfect audience with a single question that’s guaranteed to improve your targeting
  • Exactly how to differentiate between general audiences and your optimal targets
  • Perfect for the marketer that is sick of their ads showing up in front of people who don’t want to see them
  • You’ll learn how to reach any market with your ads, no matter the type of business or product

3.Building & Scaling

  • The “6/3/1 ratio” for budgeting your ad spend (to almost guarantee ROI and scale)
  • The perfect bidding strategy for getting the lowest cost per click in your market
  • How to scale vertically AND horizontally to avoid campaign fatigue and to generate scalable results