Outperform your competitors in search engines. One of the latest evolution in SEO is called Schema Markup. I will add Schema Markup rating code on your web site pages to increase your website keyword rankings on Google.

Schema increases the chance that search engines like Google will show additional information about your content directly in the search engine results pages via rich snippets. By updating all these fields properly according to guidelines, you can rank better in organic search results for targeted keywords and dramatically increase websites visibility. Schema Markup includes the following:

  • Product Information (Add product price, stars, and description)
  • Star Aggregate Ratings Schema (Add stars next to your search results)
  • Images (markup your product/service images)
  • Article Review markup


  1. Help you to better ranking in search engines
  2. Attract viewers to click on your link
  3. Displays instant information on search
  4. Increase click-through rating in website

Schema markup is a great way to create more search engine-friendly signals, which can indirectly impact search rankings.

Do let me know if you would like to get started?