Are you feeling stuck?

Ready to launch an online product but don’t have the infrastructure in place?

You know you should be running your own webinars but don’t have the time to do the setup?

You’re struggling to find a way to automate all your online stuff?

Let me give you the forward momentum you desperately need by personally building out a complete Sales Funnel Blueprint for you to get a clear picture of your entire online business.

I will provide you a complete step-by-step process of your online business plus the project summary which you can access through a PDF or image format.

Process shows:

  • Traffic Generating Sources
  • Sales Pages
  • Opt-In pages
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • System Automation

Project Summary shows:

  • Revenue
  • Profit
  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Traffic Sources
  • Project Revenue
  • Top  Expenses
  • Funnel Duration