5 Tips For An Awesome Quickee

An easy way to make your life more fulfilling is by squeezing in a Quickee in an unexpected place or time. Don’t underestimate the power of a Quickee. It’s short, sweet & extremely satisfying.

Here are 5 ‘Quick’ and ‘Easy’ things to keep in mind when you’re diving in for a Quickee!


  1. Get In The MoodSpend some time thinking about it. Imagine yourself in a midst of a Quickee and think about how you will feel once you’re done with it. Browse through stuff that will motivate you for a Quickee.
  2. Time It Right.Find a time when you have a while before you have to be somewhere, not when you’re already really late. Needless to say, Quickees are great at all times of the day.  So go ahead and pick a time when you’re feeling like one.
  3. Try An Unexpected Place.The beauty of a Quickee is that you can have yourself one wherever you like. It requires little planning. Quickees are way more thrilling when they are in an unexpected place.(Read: Back bench in your classroom or the conference room in the office or your boyfriend/girlfriend’s car)
  4. Get In The Right Position.Find yourself a comfortable position for your Quickee. The more comfortable you get with Quickee, the more you want them. Believe us, they’re addictive and very rewarding.So your position is really important.
  5. Don’t UndressWe suggest you keep some clothes on for the Quickee. This kind needs no undressing! 😉


What are you dirty minds thinking? We’re talking about www.Quickee.me

Quickee is an Interactive Small Job Website, enabling people across India to work from the comfort of their homes or anywhere! Check it out because Quickee is for everyone!

P.S- These tips can be applied to whichever Quickee you have in mind.